About Ireland’s Services History

Mill road 1981.

Motor vehicles have played a massive part of the Ireland’s history as the family have been involved with cars and motorcycles for generations.
It all started with Colin’s father, the late Thomas Ireland who was the head mechanic in Melhuish garage Winkleigh for over 40 years. He repaired everything, cars, tractors and even stationary engines, you name it, he’d fix it.

Colin spent a lot of time with his father and becoming a mechanic was a natural progression for him. Colin was schooled at Chumleigh and at the age of 14 started an Engineers course at North Devon College which included all aspects of the trade. Upon completion of his course and now age 16 Colin moved to Braunton to start his apprenticeship with West Cross Garage. As part of his course Colin continued to attend college for one day and two nights a week for three years.

Now aged 21 Colin was a key member at West Cross garage and went on to manage the group of garages owned by George “Gandy” Clarke.

After many years of long hours and hard graft the group of garages were sold off and Colin decided to continue on his own. Colin and Doreen Ireland purchased Braund’s Taxi service in Braunton to raise capital to start their own garage. In 1971 Ireland’s Services was established, originally a car garage, but after a number of years trading this was all due to change! As Phillip, Colin and Doreens only son now aged 15 had a huge interest in motorbikes and especially scrambling. Similar to Colin he grew up in and around the workshops playing and learning. Around 1974/75 Phil also decided school wasn’t for him and started working with Colin much to the schools dismay. It turned out that Phil was a very capable rider and mechanic. Phil won local and regional championships and also rode as part of the county team. People were travelling many miles for work to be carried out by Phil and motorcycles of all types became a large part of Ireland’s Services .

A Move To Mill Road,Barnstaple.

As the business grew a move to the Old Laundry Mill, Mill Road, Barnstaple was made. This premises served the Ireland family well and saw the business through tough times. The 1980’s saw testing times for many local business’s and the motorcycle industry was not one without struggle. The Mill Road site saw so many changes for the family and was the first site in which the company was appointed a franchised dealership for Kawasaki products.

Current site in Braunton Road,Barnstaple 1991.

In 1991 Ireland’s Services was officially recognised to be a 100% motorcycle dealership and what is now commonly known as Ireland’s Motorcycles. Since moving into this premises the company has seen its third generation grow up and join the team. Tom who is currenty aged 28 has come up through the ranks starting at the heart of the business in the workshop. After serving time as an accredited motorcycle technician Tom now runs the retail side of the company.

Ireland’s motorcycles is now what you see today a large Stockist of used vehicles, clothing and Accessories, full workshop facilities carrying out servicing, repairs and MOT’S.

Literally a one-stop-shop for all motorcyclists!